Hi, I'm Robert.

And I create online awesome.

Jan. 16

This one took me almost a week of messing with and googling. Seriously, this one sucked. If you’re using a jQplot and and trying to draw an line graph using the DateAxisRenderer with a lot of data points on the xaxis you might run into this issue: Thankfully this is a pretty easy fix, once you [Read More]

Nov. 23

I’ve decided I want to move away from wordpress and switch my blog over to Ghost which is built on node.js. If you’re going to clone their git project then you may run into a weird issue with Bourbon. Syntax error: File to import not found or unreadable: bourbon/_bourbon. Hmm, weird, right? The gem installed [Read More]

Nov. 23

It’s happening! The Orlando Front End Developer meetup will be a thing here shortly. I’ve been talking about it since first visiting a Orlando Ruby Users Group meetup. I just purchased the domain orlandofrontenddevs.com so in the coming weeks there will be a site up for your viewing pleasure. Where will it be held? IZEA is [Read More]

Nov. 22

#HotDrama Recently Todd Parker sent a tweet out stating ~370 million devices can’t view Icon fonts like font awesome or icomoon. That’s a lot of devices that can’t render font icons! In a later tweet he links to this presentation with citations on the data he’s providing.  On slide 7 you see the the citations [Read More]