Hi, I'm Robert.

And I create online awesome.

Jul. 15

Today I was playing around with a date picker at work and ran across the question “can you compare two date objects cross browser” Luckily, I have an answer for you! Short answer: yes. The image above is Internet Explorer 7. Long answer: You can create a new date object and compare them like this: [Read More]

Jul. 13

This was the last year of Dan Denny’s amazing conference he’s been running for over 5 years. I’m sad to see it go. I’ve only had the pleasure of attending the conference twice, but in the two years I have went I made some amazing friends like Ricardo Vazquez, Wayne Espinola, Travis Miller, Oleg Zhovnir, [Read More]

Jul. 9

Wow. What a journey it has been. A little more than a year ago I inherited a little jquery plugin called DropKick. What DropKick did was take < select > form elements and build an HTML/CSS version of it using JavaScript. This allows us to style what use to be an unstyleable. DropKick has been [Read More]

Jul. 3

There might be times where you want to test out how the hashing and cache busting of your asset files might effect things in your app. For me I needed to check if my localStorage caching of font style sheets would work like I expect. It’s not that hard to enable this in development. You [Read More]